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The Dreadnaught, the most common guitar shape out there. The versitilty of the Dread allows for many different playing styles, but is a favorite of strummer and flatpickers. John will soon be offering his dread, based on much what was happening with models from the 1930s using, hot hide glue, dovetail neck joint, and forward shifted, scallop bracing. The 14-fret dreads will be offered exclusively as part of the Vintage Series capturing the vibe from that era.

John also is building 12-fret Slope Dreads.

Specifications Dreadnought
Body Length 20"
Width Lower Bout 15-5/8"
Width Upper Bout 11-1/2"
Width at Waist 10-11/16"
Depth at EndPin 4-7/8"
Depth at NeckBlock 3-15/16"
Frets to Body 14
Typical Scale Length 25.4"

John was building Dreads a few years back, but basically put them on the back-burner as he focused more on his fingerstyle guitars. After a couple flatpickers got a hold of his AS model John started to think about resurecting the Dreadnought Series. Although his AS as been coined the Revenge of the Dread, some players want a more traditional look sound and feel to their guitar. With this in mind, John really focused on on some of those old guitars and what makes them tick. Using traditional designs and woods, the Dreadnought Series is once again being offered. For someone looking for a flatpickin' model with "modern" options such as ergo Manzer-style wedge, a soundport or a bevel armrest, John would recommend one of his AS models.